The week starts with low dips in the cryptocurrency markets

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The main digital assets decreased between 2% and 5% in the last 24 hours. At the time of going to press, Bitcoin is priced at 37. 076 $ and Ethereum of 2. 544 $. Earth continues to decline significantly, down by 25% in the last week. The volatility that plagued the cryptocurrency markets in January continued into the last week of the month. Swings in the market caused prices to swing by bringing the major cryptocurrency tokens into the red at the start of the new week. Now with a market cap of 705, 98 billions, second CoinMarketCap , Bitcoin has plummeted 2.6% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at 36. 975 $. Although the digital asset that commands the world market was above the 38. 000 $ over the weekend, was inconsistent, as was the native Ethereum ETH currency. The ETH is currently down 1, 85%, but recorded a quite substantial increase from Friday afternoon, reaching a maximum of 2. 630 $ Sunday. However, this morning the token started to decline until it reached $ 2. 499 $, approaching barely in the range of 2. 600 $. However, it recovered from falling below 2. 350 $ and increased by 15 % in the last seven days. Altcoins are at a standstill Most altcoins had a modest performance in the markets over the weekend. ADA is trading at 1, 02 $, down 4.4% in the latest 24 hours. Like many other halts, she hasn’t recovered much from the market hit last weekend. Since Wednesday, the token has not exceeded $ 1.1 and only hovered around the $ 1 mark over the weekend as well. Binance Coin (BNB) ) has a marginal negative change in the last 24 hours, 3, 91%. However, it conforms to general market behavior over the 7-day period, showing an 8.5% increase over its price last week. Solana’s SOL and MATIC are also showing a positive increase from their positions last week. Up respectively by 10, 4% and of 18, 6% in the past seven days, tokens are on the verge of recovering at 92 $ ea 1, 60 $. LUNA is seeing more losses LUNA di Terra, on the other hand, is a unique case. The coin fell by 25% in the last seven days. LUNA is currently trading at 45, 75 $, down 8, 63% in the last 24 hours. It is traded beyond 55% below its all-time high. Within this range, LUNA is now testing the lows last seen in November. The post Week starts with low declines in cryptocurrency markets appeared first on The Home of Altcoins: | /a>.

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