De Poppe believes Bitcoin's $ 41k support is critical

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Crypto Markets Analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified crucial support of 41. 000 $ per Bitcoin He theorized that if Bitcoin exceeds 46. 000 $ would be a trigger for altcoins to start performing better Van de Poppe expects a ‘ extended side action for Ethereum unless it exceeds 3. 100 $ Strategist Michael van de Poppe examined how the crypto community should expect the market to transform in the coming days. Bitcoin Speaking of the main cryptocurrency, Van de Poppe noted in a recent session on YouTube that the coin is dancing around a crucial support level, which according to him proba it will determine the direction Bitcoin may take in the short term. He pointed out that 41 k $ is an important price level for Bitcoin, explaining that if support persists, the cryptocurrency could rise to around 46 k $ and expects the momentum to continue. If not, he said that markets are likely to plummet, theorizing that in that case new support levels could be established around 37. 000 $ o 34. 000 $. “If we look at the daily timeframe, we see that we are finding ourselves supporting a very important level and that is the area around the 41. 000 dollars This slight stop is the area you should keep an eye on. If that is lost in the next week or weeks, the entire construction will fall. ” The strategist argues that if Bitcoin does not exceed 46. dollars, its price may establish further rib tests ace, which means higher lows or lows equal to the previous ones. Referring to his story, he stated that for Bitcoin to drop below 41 k would mean testing lower levels. Altcoin Van de Poppe also explained that he would return to altcoins once Bitcoin had crossed over 46 k. He argued that exceeding 46 k would be a trigger for altcoins to get started. to perform better in the markets. ” … If we do, I assume that we will see more upward momentum and this is also the time when I will dive back into the altcoins as we will catch up on a longer time frame. ” Ethereum On the second larger crypto asset, the analyst estimated that there may be a prolonged series of sideways action before it can consolidate and make an upward move as Ethereum is going through a period of resistance. The exception would be if the token had a rally. over 3. 100 $. “We can see that we have two large blocks in the weekly period as the resistance is coming and this [3.100$] is what we are currently aiming for. If so, I assume we will have a longer period of side action before we can actually start up again unless Ethereum regains the level of 3. 100 $ “. Ethereum, at the time of writing, is trading at 3. 051 $, up by 6, 25% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin earned 3, 53% in the same period to reach 43. 715 $ according to i data from CoinMarketCap . Solana and Avalanche top the earnings chart among altcoins in the top ten, and both recorded an 8% price increase. The post De Poppe believes that the support of 41 k $ of Bitcoin is fundamental appeared first on The Home of Altcoins: | /a>.