Best Gaming Tokens You Should Not Miss This May

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Blockchain game studios are raising millions for game launches. The metaverse and GameFi as a whole have seen a tremendous level of growth across the crypto sphere. These are the best game tokens and general blueprints you can buy to get the most out of the blockchain gaming space. Gala (GALA), WAX (WAXP) and Mobox (MBOX) are all gaming tokens that deserve your attention this May. The 18 May 2022, the tokens GALA have become available on, a mobile wallet that allows Filipinos to shop, make online payments and exchange digital currencies. Furthermore, the 18 May 2022, the blockchain WAX and its ecosystem grew with another add-on game, a play-to-earn (P2E) RPG it received community attention, The Adventurer’s Guild. There are numerous games constantly being developed and launched on the WAX ​​Blockchain. The 19 May 2022, trading MBOX has become active on KuCoin , where users can trade MBOX / USDT and MBOX / BTC pairs. Should You Buy Gala (GALA)? The 19 May 2022 Gala (GALA) had a value of 0, 0765 $. The all-time high of Gala (GALA) was 26 November 2021, when it reached 0, 824837 $. Looking at the token performance in April we see Gala (GALA) had its highest value point on April 2nd at 0, 2719 $. Its minimum was 30 April at 0, 1457 $. This marked a decrease of 0, 1262 $ or del 46%. However, at 0, 0765 $ , GALA has a solid price as it can increase in value up to 0, 15 $ by the end of May 2022. Should You Buy WAX (WAXP)? The 19 May 2022 WAX (WAXP) had a value of 0, 13135 $. The all-time high of WAX (WAXP) was January 9 2018, when reached 2, 77 $. Looking at how the token performed in the previous month, WAX (WAXP) had its high point on April 2 at 0, 393 $, while its minimum 30 April at 0, 2253 $. Here, we can see a decrease in the value of 0, 1677 $ or del 42%. With this in mind, WAXP is considered a solid buy, as as its gaming ecosystem grows, it can reach a value of $ 0.2 by the end of May 2022. Should You Buy Mobox (MBOX)? The 19 May 2022 Mobox (MBOX) had a value of 1, 12438711 $. The all-time high of the Mobox token (MBOX) was worth 15, 44 $ 1 December 2021. When we look at the token’s performance over the past month, we see that Mobox (MBOX) has had its high point on April 3 at 4, 01501 $. The minimum of him was the 30 April to 2, 0841 $. This was a decrease of 2, 1058 $ or 50%. However, with its recent developments and quotes, MBOX can reach a value of $ 1.9 by the end of May 2022, making it a solid token to purchase.

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